2015 BMW X5

The BMW X5 M combines the characteristic features of the successful BMW X family – exclusivity, robustness, agility and everyday usability – with the commitment to high performance that defines an M vehicle. The latter is resoundingly highlighted by the vehicles’ impressive performance figures. This model completes the sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 4.0 seconds in conjunction with the eight-speed M Steptronic transmission.

Innovative engine technology.

The M TwinPower Turbo V8 for the BMW X5 M is the most powerful engine ever developed by BMW for an all-wheel-drive vehicle. Boasting innovative M TwinPower Turbo technology with a pair of TwinScroll turbochargers, cross-bank exhaust manifolds, VALVETRONIC and High Precision Direct Injection, the 4.4-liter V8 produces the maximum output of 567 hp between 6,000 and 6,500 rpm. 

Powerful looks and exclusive equipment.

With their striking use of forms, the looks of the BMW X5 M foretell their performance potential. With their exteriors painted fully in body colour, both models cut a low-slung figure on the road, while mixed tires showcase their sporty track width. The high-quality interior impresses with its well-thought-through combination of sporty features, exclusive materials and flawless workmanship. 

A finely balanced overall concept. 

At BMW M GmbH, high performance is about more than engine output and top speeds alone. Here, high performance means all of a vehicle’s components working in perfect harmony and the precise interplay of various details resulting in maximum performance, agility, precision, poise and assurance out on the road. This sense of balance is a defining feature of all the vehicles produced by BMW M GmbH and is, needless to say, also present in the BMW X5 M.

Function-led design.

The function-led design of the BMW X5 M is immediately apparent with athletic, muscular looks betraying their high-performance credentials before they so much as turn a wheel. The four large air intakes and flaps at the front end and the diffuser at the rear are fully functional; they are an essential part of the engineers’ drive to optimize aerodynamics and ensure efficient cooling.

Intelligent all-wheel drive.

BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive and Dynamic Performance Control play a fundamental role in the outstanding dynamics of the BMW X5 M. The xDrive system employs an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch to allow fully variable distribution of drive between the front and rear axles – from 100 percent at the rear to up to 100 percent at the front. This ensures the best possible traction in all road conditions. In the interests of greater agility, xDrive typically operates with a rear-biased torque split in the BMW X5.

An open door to controlled drifts.

Among the other highlights of the overall concept behind the BMW X5 M is Dynamic Stability Control (DSC). The control functions of DSC have been optimized over previous versions of the system to improve driving dynamics further still. The extra functions, which have become part of DSC enhance active safety (Brake Standby, Brake Drying, Fading Compensation) and comfort (Start-Off Assistant, parking brake with automatic hold function).


- BMW USA News

CarAndTruck.caNov. 11, 2016